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Financial Management
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The June Physical Plant  Billing will post on Tuesday June 27 barring any unforeseen problems.

Recent Billing Postings


Billing Month

Date Posted to
 Fleet May


Transportation  May
 Physical Plant May
 EHS -BioSafety Cabinets May
LN2/LHe February 03/22/17


Welcome to the Financial Management Portal

Here campus customers will be able to create, view, and manage FP&M cost centers. New features include split funding, financial contact delegation, expanded and improved billing statements for Physical Plant, Car Fleet, CORD, Transportation Services, and some EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) charges.  

Navigation: click on the white words in the black horizontal menu bar directly beneath the title Financial Management

My Funding - This is where you create a new cost center.  You also will see a grid of all your existing cost centers.  You can edit existing cost centers by clicking on the pencil to the left of the cost center column.

Billing Search - where you can find the detail behind your charges.  If you use WISDM, the easiest search is to enter the 6 digit number in the PO field of WISDM as the Transaction number on this page.

Delegation - where you can assign other people to be able to view and edit your cost centers.



Contact Us:

We ask that you please email fpmbop@fpm.wisc.edu with all non-urgent  requests as this email inbox is monitored daily by all staff and will give us time to research your questions before responding. If you need additional assistance please feel free to contact one of the staff members below:

Jennifer Horsfall
jennifer.horsfall@wisc.edu 890-0941
Cindy Wempner cindy.wempner@wisc.edu 262-1279
Sally Hansen sally.hansen@wisc.edu 265-4215
Art Schubring art.schubring@wisc.edu 262-1114


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